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Dr. Tom Legere's Spiritual Counseling

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“Finally, a book that clearly explains spirituality from a psychological perspective...”
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Dr. Thomas Legere is a person who is uniquely qualified to help you on your spiritual path.

With a background that includes degrees in philosophy, theology, and spirituality—in addition to a Ph.D in psychology—Dr. Legere offers a perspective that is truly holistic. The author of three books, and a frequent speaker on television, Tom has offered workshops in psycho-spiritual growth and counseled hundreds of people over a 40 year plus career.

He offers you spiritual retreats, tapes and books that can help you on your spiritual quest, as well as individual counseling. He is willing to travel anywhere in the world to lead workshops for your group. A world-class speaker and workshop leader, he is recognized globally as an articulate yet simple teacher of spiritual principles.

Awarded the lifetime achievement award, Sapientia et Doctrina, from Fordham University in 2010.

Update: Dr. Legere has recently launched his new blog, which is now available at:

Dr. Tom Legere
Thomas E. Legere, Ph.D CAS

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