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Some solid, easy-to-understand teaching about spirituality!

Fully Alive By popular demand, Dr. Tom Legere, well known author, university teacher, retreat leader, and international lecturer, has put some of his more popular lectures on audio. These clear, simple teachings will help you build your own personal spirituality.

Dr. Legere has recently made some of his more popular lectures available for free (click a title below to listen now):

  1. “How to interpret One’s Dreams”
  2. “Basics of Christian Spirituality”
  3. “A Christian Look at Reincarnation”
  4. “The Afterlife”
  5. “Augustine: Finding the God Within”
  6. “How to Overcome Depression”
  7. “The Spiritual Journey”
  8. “Mid-Life: The Second Journey”

Additionally, you may also now access Dr. Legere’s PowerPoint presentations, available now free of charge via the links below:

  1. “The Spiritual Journey: The Great Homecoming”
  2. “The Mid-Life Transition: Danger or Opportunity?”
  3. “Addiction: 15 Universal Criteria”
  4. “Spirituality: The Golden Key to Recovery”
  5. “Behavioral Addictions: Are They Really Addictions?”

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